EU Regulation on General Data Protection (EU-GDPR)

The regulation sets out the rights of the data subject, ie. the individual whose personal data are processed. These rights include the right of access to personal data and the right to rectification, forgetting, erasure, restriction of processing, objection and portability of data.The obligation of controllers (persons responsible for data processing) to provide transparent and easily accessible information to data subjects on the processing of their data is also set out.

Individual rights

To view the information we have about you, log in to our website.
After logging in, the user will be able to created a request za to view all his data.

Available requirements

Right of access to personal data
You will see your orders and send a request to export the data to your email
The right to forget or erase
It only applies to those who want to be deleted from our databases.

Privacy Policy

MSD GROUP d.o.o. who manages the online store has high ethical standards and is responsible for handling your data.

The personal information we collect
We use the personal information we collect on our website solely to perform our service.
We undertake not to disclose your personal information e.g. (Name, address and credit card) required to perform our services to third parties. Your email address, with your permission, can also be used to conduct advertising marketing, and publish news.
Advertising, discounts, offers
In case you agree to receive news with news and offers, we use our own marketing system and all your data is safe with us. Only your email address will be processed through our partner's server Elastic Email Inc. This partner has a contract with us, and is also compatible with the EU GDPR regulation. A person can unsubscribe from marketing at any time via an advertising message. When you request the deletion of data, we will delete all your data and your email address with Elastic Emai inc will also be deleted.
Hosting provider
Domain, as well as all related MSD Group d.o.o. company domains are hosted by our hosting provider partner is also in line with the GDPR regulation.
Our privacy policy is bound
European Union law
read more about the EU-GDPR
Regulation (EU)
Protection of personal data
reform of the European legislative framework for the protection of personal data
Privacy and security (sLOVEnian - have monolinguistical page)
Elastic Email Inc. Application policy
Usage Policies

If you have any questions about our privacy, please contact us via email. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  We reserve the right to change our privacy policy, and to pass on personal information if required by law of Republic of Sloveni.